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Welcome to our neighborhood blog! As everyone already knows, the market was quite different last year: The changes in the subprime market had a tremendous impact in the industry. It seems like that was the peak of callousness in the way lending was structured and doled out. Apparently, as we now see in the predominant sales activities in various areas, that is not the peak, but the beginning of a challenging, real estate ride.

Secondly, time and time again, the contribution of the web in all walks of life is a now-reality: To effectively reach an audience in keyboard-speed is quite easily the norm. In early 2008, almost 80% of the home buyers come from the internet. They google, research, go to a lot of websites, before they actually connect with an agent. This is powerful information, not just to any real estate agent, but also to anyone remotely interested in homeownership. Come to think of it, with gas price being a major commodity these days, it is penny-wise to sit and relax in front of your pc and google away for relative information.

I guess this is where I come in, mid-way or all the way through. My purpose here is to gather some significant info in our local neighborhood and in our surrounding areas that may or may not directly affect our daily living in our own homes. Please feel free to let me know your thoughts. It will be our way of getting involved in our community.

Your Realtor and Neighbor,

Rose Linda

June 13, 2008

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Americana Buzz

It seems like the Americana buzz has simmered down a little bit. The crowd, on some ordinary days, occupy less space; the parking lots are mostly accessible; Cheesecake factory does not have a two-hour wait. It is quite a relief to think that there will be days when traffic won't be as bad, or when parking won't be near the very top floor, or when you could actually dine somewhat in ease. I look forward to more of these days while walking around the Americana. Maybe one of these days, I could actually try a Pink Berry.

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

North, South and Rancho San Rafael

Have you ever driven around Glendale, California? If you have, you'll almost always figure out whether you're in the North or South of Glendale. When you drive along Brand Boulevard -where most of the city's high rise buildings stand - and you're looking straight onto the hills, dotted mostly with beige, white or terracota-hued Mediterranean homes, you're going North. When you drive to the other side - the flatter side of town where the future outdoor 'Americana' mall will surely dominate, about side by side with the Brand avenue of car dealerships and the Glendale Galleria, you're heading towards South.

The great thing about Glendale is that, either way you go - North or South, you're treading on newly-paved sidewalks and along multiple constructions of townhouses and condos. There seem to be renovations and rehabbing bustling all the time. Driving along the streets everyday is just exciting! You can almost feel the earth move.

How do I know this? I live here. I drive through MacDonalds on Orange and Central every so unhealthy moment. I shop every once in a while at Nordstroms, whenever I need a make-up refill or some sale adventures. I do stop by the perfume department to say 'hi' to my friend, Virgie, or downstairs at the Petite clothes section to make Rosa's day. I sometimes go down to Ben Bridge to say hello to another jewel-buddy, Irene. Then off to my usual day-to-day sales travails!

I shouldn't say that - travails - especially with an exclamation. It doesn't really entail painful effort at all. I sell homes without any pain. With effort, but no pain. Just goes with why-you-do-what-you-do kind of thing. You are moved to do. Besides, have you ever driven around Glendale?

Better yet, have you heard of the other side of the 2 freeway called Rancho San Rafael?

Home for Sale in Rancho San Rafael

If you’re looking for an opportunity to own in Rancho San Rafael, this 1993-built Mediterranean home gets you in the door! This home has updated carpeting and pergo floors, newly painted exterior, a loft, a good-sized yard with fresh landscaping, customized storage in the two-car garage, and a close proximity to the main thoroughfare. The interior has three bedrooms and two and a half bathrooms, a loft, fireplace in the living room and a bright kitchen. Its homeowner’s association takes care of the clubhouse, a nice-sized pool and a smaller pool, two tennis courts, maintenance of the lush landscaping. The California greenery, the canyon, the rows of beautiful Mediterranean homes, the night lights from the Scholl Canyon and the feel of suburbia describe the appeal of Rancho San Rafael. Offered at $819,000.